5 Great Software Options For POS

Some of our favourite point of sale applications.

Posted by Andrea Baker on

Whether your business is retail or hospitality, point of sale (POS) software is critical to the smooth running of day to day operations. Find the right system, and inventory tracking, orders and sales occur seamlessly. Pick the wrong package and you can be lumbered with technology that slows down proceedings and is constantly challenged to meet business needs.

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Here are some of the biggest players on the Australian POS market today and what they offer business. 



Home grown right here in Australia, Kounta is quickly making a name for itself internationally as a premium point of sale provider. Tailored to both the retail and hospitality industries, it is Cloud based and available on any device.

Kounta’s features include inventory management, analytics, real-time reporting, CRM, and mobile checkout. The system is available on and offline, and it works with existing hardware like receipt printers or you can purchase packages directly.

When it comes to hospitality, Kounta has additional features like recipe creation and table layout, and regardless of your sector, 24-hour support is provided courtesy of a team of experts located around the world. Kounta offers a free trial period and packages starting from AUD $50 per month. 



One of the most renowned names in the POS industry, Vend works via web browser on any device. That means business can use it with PCs, Macs, iPads and Android utilising a mouse, keyboard or simple touch screen. Vend also offers an iPad app, so retailers can take their POS to customers.

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Key features include inventory management with easy stock input, automatic re-ordering, customer lists and purchase history. The software integrates with e-commerce provider Shopify and also with Xero accounting.

Vend is designed to interface with already existing hardware like cash drawers and receipt printers, making this a solid system to upgrade to if you already have a shop in place but seek new POS software.

Available in monthly plans, Vend offers a 30-day free trial, with plans from AUD $49 per month for a starter package. Vend caters to business of all sizes. 



Revel is designed specifically for iPad and offers a full point of sale system for retailers of all types - from bakeries to bookshops. Providing an all in one tailored solution, Revel spans the hospitality, retail, and events sectors via a series of POS options, and is one of the fastest growing POS providers on the market.

It features inventory management, multiple user capability, customer relationship management and detailed analytics. And, although Cloud based, the system remains up and running even when an Internet connection isn't available.

Revel is renowned for its support, offering 24-hour customer service, help articles and web support. Pricing varies depending on business size and type, but a 30-day cash back guarantee is available on all software. 



Lightspeed offers POS systems for both the retail and hospitality sectors, and prides itself on its intuitive design. The software is geared towards iPads to allow maximum portability and mobile POS. Like many on the market, it is Cloud based, and touted as a complete store management system.

Features include product input and returns, data analytics, customer relationship management, sales processing and employee management.

Lightspeed also offers a mobile or fixed checkout with additional hardware like card readers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers, and has the option of integrating eCommerce with your bricks and mortar store. On the hospitality front, Lightspeed boasts menu creation, floor planning, and table-side ordering.

Lightspeed's pricing starts at US$69 per month for small retailers, while medium sized enterprises cost US$129 per month, and large businesses US$249 per month. All packages include 24/7 support with a customer service team located in Sydney. 



Used by thousands of restaurants worldwide, TouchBistro boasts features specifically tailored to the demands of the hospitality industry. From easy menu creation to table-side ordering, this Cloud based software is created for iPads and enables staff to split bills, take orders from customers in a queue, and either print or email receipts.

The software integrates wirelessly with industry standard hardware like cash drawers and receipt printers and can operate with single or multiple iPads.

At the back end, TouchBistro provides solid reporting options and staff scheduling in addition to convenience. It's known for its ease of use and customer support.

Price-wise, TouchBistro offers a 45-day trial period which can be converted to monthly, quarterly or annual subscription with standard or pro options. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right POS system to suit your business will come down to a host of factors including existing technology, preferred operating system, mobile requirements and business size. The good news is the market grows daily and improvements are constant, and in most cases it's a matter of try before you commit to buy.