What to expect from the newest iPad on the horizon

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If the rumours are true - and they often are where technology is concerned - Apple will be revealing a few new gadgets at an event a bit later this month. Among them are a new iPhone and iPad. It's the iPad, however, that has the attention of the online community. Today, we'll look at why that is.

Initially, the iPad Pro was intended to be a replacement for your laptop. To facilitate this, Apple introduced a $99 stylus as well as a nice $170 Bluetooth keyboard (detachable, of course), and each was sold separately from the tablet itself. The new 9.7-inch version of the iPad that's coming later this month is expected to work well with the Apple Pencil, and what's being referred to as an "optimised" Smart Keyboard cover that will most likely be somewhat smaller than the one for the iPad Pro, and probably a bit easier to handle.

While the outside will have marked differences from the iPad Pro, the inside looks to be much the same. Apple is expected to be utilising the same CPU as the iPad Pro. The consensus is that this particular processor was optimised for use with the Apple Pencil as well as the new Smart Keyboard so that the new tablet will work fluidly with the add-ons as well as all the other goodies every iPad offers.

Not all the specs will stay the same, however. The new iPad is expected to sport a 12 megapixel camera at the rear which is comparable to the amazing camera the iPhone 6 utilises. Apparently, Apple is also looking to update the display of this new iPad to have more brightness than any of its predecessors, while also having less glare.

The event at which this new model will be announced is supposed to take place on March 21, and there should be many more details released about the new iPad then. As far as pricing is concerned, the iPad Air 2, Apples's current 9.7-inch iPad, comes in at $749 for the 16GB model with only WiFi connectivity. The priciest model, featuring 128GB of storage and both cellular and WiFi connections carries a price tag of $1149. At this stage, the price range for the new iPad is expected to be about the same.

iLocks will be getting in iPad Pro enclosures and stands so stay tuned for more information.

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