3 Innovative Uses For Tablets In The Workplace

Posted by Ryan Raubenheimer on

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Whether you are tech savvy or electronically challenged, it is important that your business embraces new technology. One of the most versatile forms of technology to grace the 21st century is the tablet. Microsoft Surfaces, Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tablets offer us portable and easy-to-use interfaces which we can use to enhance and modernise business practices. So here are three simple ways to incorporate tablets into your business.

Get yourself organised

As we know, tablets offer a range of organisational and management software. You can use your tablet as your own personal planner. You can take notes, write down memos and messages. You can fill in a digital calendar, schedule meetings and set yourself reminders and notifications for important dates. You can keep an organised list of important business contacts and keep track of your finances. If you can think it, there's an app for it!

Innovate your payment system

There are many apps that you can download to your tablet that allow you to accept and process credit card payments. This software essentially turns your tablet into a portable, high-tech credit card terminal with an in-built point of sale reader. These readers can usually accept a range of credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you want to transform your business payment system, make sure you invest in a Tablet Point of Sale (POS) security enclosure or an iPad POS Stand to keep your tablet safe and secure.

Innovate your customer service

The touchscreen display of tablets makes them perfect for user interactivity. With table mounted tablet enclosures or an iPad kiosk, you can safely dock your tablet into a fixed and secure mounting station. You can then use this station for a variety of purposes. You can transform your tablet into an interactive information booth or map. You can: ask customers to complete quick interactive experience surveys on the tablet; use your tablet to advertise certain products or promotions or provide your customers with information about your business' employees, motto and philosophy. You could advertise upcoming events, or community initiatives or charities supported by your business and even create your own app for your business and encourage people to download the app for promotions, competitions and discounts. You could even use your tablet to showcase your app!

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