Putting Retail Technology to Work for You

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The 21st century offers a variety of ways to bring in new customers, ways that retailers only dreamt about a generation ago.

As millennials grow up, and everyone else becomes more tech savvy, consumers have become accustomed to rapid technological changes. A high-tech environment is even expected. Businesses failing to meet these expectations are often cast aside by savvy consumers.

Here are five retail technology tools small and individual retailers can use to mobilize customers outside the store.

Maximize Your Website

Is your website working hard for you?

In the second decade of the 21st century, a website is a given. Or it should be.

But merely having a web presence isn't enough – your website must be maximized. If your website is not drumming up trade for you, it is not doing you or, frankly, your customers any good.

It is not that difficult. There are three ways to go about it:

- Do it yourself. Some have a knack for web design and do it themselves. Most aren't, however.

If you're not, don't worry. You still have two options.

- Pay an expert: Having someone build your site is not cheap, but if you have the money, do it. Expert services are worth what you pay for them.

- Do it yourself, with help. Most web hosts have templates that make building your website rather easy, including add-ons that make setting up a web store easy. Your web host will have support techs who are eager to help as part of your service agreement, or for a small fee.

Mobile App

Always open and at arm's reach.

 Having an App gives you direct access to your customers at all times.

Mobile apps are more accessible to smaller retailers than ever before.

Apps are always open and are great tools for generating interest in your business, doing a splendid job of engaging your customers whether they're around the corner or the other side of the world. You can also double the app as a point of sale system allowing you to accept sales from anywhere.

Online Advertising

Forget a sales rep sending your copy over your new fax machine.

In the pre-internet world, advertising was a chore. Nothing is further from the truth now. Today advertising is there for anyone, and you can get started for as little as $50.

Some skill is required. You are writing the headline and copy and selecting the pic and uploading all of it into an attractive ad. The best part is targeting! Not only can you target your ads to readers of specific blogs and publications, more and more platforms allow you to target by gender, age, location, and interests.

 A tablet is perfect for any point of sale system.

QR Codes

Immediacy, for both retailer and consumer

Retailers like QR Codes because, when combined with a print advertisement, they immediately turn random people into engaged prospects. Consumers like them because they know scanning them will lead them directly to more information on something that interests them.

A routine search will turn up dozens of sites that will produce your QR Code at no cost. They are then downloaded and can be easily attached to a business card order or a print advertisement.

Tablet Kiosk

Hook, line, and sinker

Few things are as frustrating to retailers as people walking past and ignoring their store. A tablet kiosk outside your store can help solve that problem. A tablet kiosk is an excellent, and surprisingly affordable, lure.

Once at the kiosk the possibilities are endless: coupons, interactive content, an online store, you name it. Even if they just sign up for text or email specials, you've turned a passerby into a prospect. A tablet kiosk very quickly pays for itself.

Put your worries about your tablet kiosk to rest with the BOSS-Tab Fusion. The have table stands, floor stands and wall mounts, all designed to keep your tablets as accessible as they are safe.

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