BossTab Fusion iPad Pro In The Works

Posted by Andrea Baker on

Businesses using the iPad Pro 12.9 will soon have access to better hardware protection and security, with BossTab's popular Fusion tablet enclosures now in production for this device.

The Fusion Pro range boasts a host of features for business, with enclosures and stands available to suit every retail and hospitality situation. Here's a breakdown of what will soon be on offer for those using iPad Pro 12.9. 


Whether you require a tablet stand that can be mobile, or a fixed standing shop display, Fusion offers protection and security in every business scenario. Fusion enclosures comprise a heavy-duty metal faceplate and strong ABS plastic case that fit together to create a seamless look. They include a lock and an optional home button blocker for iPads.


All Fusion tablet enclosures offer a lockable, tough housing and face-plate that ensure your tablet will withstand the toughest of business environments, be it a café, restaurant or retail store. This not only protects your tablet or point of sale device from wear and tear, but also guards it against theft.

Each Fusion enclosure comes with a unique barrel lock or you can request multiple enclosures that are "keyed alike", so one key fits all fixtures at your premises.

Meanwhile, additional accessories and anchor points can be added to protect your power cables or further secure your device. 


Cable management

All Fusion enclosures have the option of running charging cables through the selected kickstand or mount to ensure you never have to worry about losing Pro power, while keeping unsightly cables out of view.

Available configuration options

• Fusion Ezy free standing tablet enclosure
The most accessible tablet enclosure available, Fusion Ezy features a kickstand and ultimate portability. Use it on a countertop or desk, your lap or pass it around.

• BOB Fusion tablet kiosk
With the ability to rotate up to 270 degrees on its stable base, BOB can be rested or permanently affixed to a countertop. It's all about motion and user accessibility, with this enclosure also featuring the capability to turn from landscape to portrait and flip horizontally between two opposite users. The Bob makes the perfect companion for retail, cafes, restaurants or waiting rooms.

• Fusion free standing tablet kiosk
Strong and secure, yet also moveable when required, the free standing kiosk boasts a secure base that ensures it stays in position. It also features the ability to flip between portrait and landscape, or for a little more versatility, the rotate and flip variety offers the option to move the screen 90 degrees back and forth between users, along with either portrait or landscape mode.

• Fusion fixed wall tablet mount
For an attractive wall-mounted display or kiosk, the Fusion fixed wall mount offers a seamless look. Cables are channeled through the rear of the case and into the wall, while your iPad Pro can be affixed in either portrait or landscape mode.

• Fusion floor stand
The Fusion floor stand offers maximum security, minimal intrusion and a seamless look in any retail environment. These stands enable your iPad to act as an independent display, information kiosk or point of sale.  
Featuring a secure 3.12kg base plate, they offer independent stability or can be screwed into position using the two available mounts. Meanwhile the enclosure can be rotated between portrait and landscape so your customer or staff can view it with ease in their preferred mode.

Fusion tablet enclosures are available to suit all major tablet sizes, with the iPad Pro 12.9 soon to be added to that list. You can learn more about its security, configuration options and available accessories here.