Galaxy Tab S3 Update

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Fans of the Samsung tablet range had been widely expecting the release of the new Galaxy S3 this year, with its well-received predecessor the S2 clocking up 12 months on the market as of September.

But amidst rumours of what the latest Galaxy Tab S will bring, that anticipated window of release has now come and gone, so when will we see an S3 and what will it deliver?

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The Galaxy Tab S2 is a highly regarded mid-range tablet that hit the shelves in September last year with nifty features like an AMOLED display boasting a 4:3 aspect ratio designed for reading and web browsing. It was widely acclaimed in the industry due to its super-thin design, quality build and fast processing speed, and came in the two sizes of 8-inch and 9.7-inch.

Other popular features included pre-loaded Microsoft Office and a MicroSD slot which took its internal storage from 32GB or 64GB and added an additional 128GB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


After clocking up 12 months on the market it was anticipated Galaxy would release its follow-up the Tab S3 in September 2016, but with the year rapidly drawing to a close Galaxy's well and truly missed this window with little likelihood consumers will see a Tab S3 this year.

IThat's despite the Tab S3 passing through the United States' main certification board, the FCC, back in March.

Instead a new report and bevy of rumours tip the Tab S3 will be released in early 2017. The general consensus is it will occur before the end of March with Galaxy utilising the tradeshow, CES 2017, in January or the Mobile World Congress in February to unveil its new edition.

Galaxy Tab S3

What to expect

More of the same but with a touch of S7 phone styling is the general frame of thought when it comes to what the Tab S3 will deliver. Galaxy is pretty good at keeping its new technology under wraps so much of the thinking is conjecture, however there are some interesting ideas when it comes to new features.

New features - Among the exciting new ideas the Galaxy Tab S3 could embrace are fast wireless charging, waterproofing and the slim possibility of USB-C port according to

They're basing these theories on two things; industry change and the cutting edge technology of the S7 smartphone.

USB-C - Trusted Reviews argues the USB-C mobile connection port is gaining momentum in the industry, with tech co's like Apple utilising it for the 12-inch MacBook, and HTC and LG switching to it for their smartphones. While there are no solid rumours the Galaxy Tab S3 is likely to employ it instead of MicroUSB this time, they flag it as a slight possibility.

Fast, wireless charging - How fast a tablet charges and how often you need to do it are critical issues for tablets which are extensively used away from power supply. Galaxy's recent smartphone S7 came with fast, wireless charging, and the Tab S3 could do the same.

They're basing these theories on two things; industry change and the cutting edge technology of the S7 smartphone.

Waterproof - While no Galaxy tablets have previously boasted waterproofing, the S7 smartphone did, and this could be a useful feature for handheld devices often used outdoors or on the go.

These might be nice little additions, but they remain speculation. What many believe it will definitely deliver follows.

Display - Like its predecessor, the Tab S3 is likely to feature an AMOLED display renowned for its true-to-life colour scheme and vibrancy in the 8-inch and 9.7-inch sizing. What might be different, however, is the aspect ratio. Galaxy broke the mould with the Tab S2, using a 4:3 aspect ratio that made for easy reading and web browsing, but some argue the Tab S3 could adopt a 16:10 ratio instead.

This is based on a render leak from renowned tipster and journalist Even Blass who posted three images to Twitter which Trusted Reviews says appear to show Galaxy revert back to the 16:10 ratio.

Processor - The general consensus is the Tab S3 would feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 chipset.

Operating System - Galaxy will continue to run the Android operating system, probably utilising version 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and it is again likely to come with MS Office pre-installed.

Memory - The Tab S2 featured 3GB of RAM and this looks unlikely to change according to Tech Radar and Android Headlines. However Trusted Reviews speculates they could up it a little to 4GB.

Storage - Available storage configurations are likely to follow similar lines, again providing 32GB or 64GB, supported by a MicroSD card that allows for a further 128GB. But maybe, just maybe, Samsung will take on iPad with a 128GB internal storage option.

Cameras - Samsung boasts great cameras on its latest smartphone, but tablets are likely to feature an 8MP rear facing camera and 2MP selfie number.

The Final Word

Despite delays in its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is expected to be a highly-regarded mid-range tablet that holds its place amongst the best in the business. It's just a matter of when...