iPad Mini 5 Rumours

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Tech giant Apple is gearing up for its season of giving, with only weeks until the company unveils its iPhone and iPad lineup for 2016. Now as the rumour mill hits fever pitch, all eyes are on the US to see what new wonders will soon become part of our everyday technology needs. Amongst this year's hot releases will be the new iPad Mini, so what's tipped to rock the world of small tablets?

The big day

Apple just loves the lead up to Christmas to hit the market running with its latest technological must-haves. In previous years iPhones have been unveiled in September and iPads in October, but last year they broke the trend by quietly slipping the iPad Mini 4 into their big reveal of the iPhone 6S.

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That tradition looks set to continue with many tipping the iPad Mini will be released alongside the iPhone 7 on September 9. Pre-ordering will commence that day, with the Mini physically hitting Australian shelves around September 16. 

To boldly Pro?

The big question surrounding the Mini this year is, will it be the iPad Mini 5 or evolve into a Mini Pro, with additional features like the Apple Pen included? There's weight to this argument as a Mini would round out the upscale Pro range to include a 12.9-inch, 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch screen size.

It also follows on from Apple's surprise omission of the iPad Air 3 in last spring’s release season, where the whizz-bang iPad Pro was instead unveiled. The jury's out as to whether an iPad Air 3 will yet be forthcoming, but will the Mini take the Pro path?

iPad Mini 5

The ins and the outs

Regardless of whether it's a Pro or a 5 there are some hot tips and highly speculative rumours as to what will be in and what will be out on the new Mini, so let's take a look.

iPad Mini 5 Rumours

Whats New

IOS 10 software - By September the recently unveiled iOS 10 software will have been tried and tested so will likely come pre-installed on the Mini. With it comes some new features like Dark Mode, instead of the white background as default, and 3D Touch pressure sensitive screens like those already available on the iPhone 6.

Faster Processor - In a bid to provide better graphics and improved speed, the Mini will likely boast the A9 processor.

Rose Gold - In addition to standard Apple colours like Space Gray, Silver and Gold, a cheerful Rose Gold hue may make an appearance.

Aluminium - The iPhone 6s came out fighting in the durability stakes last year with the all-new 7000-series Aluminium case. It's proved a bit of a winner so the iPad Mini may adopt it too.

Fast Charge - It's a bit of a wish for Apple enthusiasts, but there's much talk by experts like that the iPad Mini will feature fast charging technology in recognition that this little number is often used away from the power socket for the purposes of e-reading. 

What's being left out

The headphone jack - There's a wild rumour abounding Apple may be about to do away with the headphone jack in a bid to save a little more space. The major theory is this will apply to the iPhone 7, with Apple instead relying on wireless technology or a lightning connection, but who's to say it won't carry through to the Mini.

Girth - Yes, it's possible the Mini may shave 1.1mm off its already slender waistline, reducing its profile to a diminutive 5mm.

Camera improvements - While the processor may get an upgrade and the software almost certainly will, it's unlikely the cameras will change from the 8Mp main camera, and a 1.2Mp front variety. 


Apple rarely alters its price on the standard range and this will likely be the case with the Mini. Australians should expect to pay $569 for the 16GB model, $699 for the 64 GB variety and $829 for the 128GB version


The iPad Mini may yet surprise us with some bold new design features and innovations that will shake up the tablet industry. But for now all eyes are on the calendar with the release only weeks away.