What's the deal with the Galaxy TabPro S?

Samsungs newest tablet looks to challenge the iPad Pro.

Posted by Libby Nelson on

Unveiled in January 2016 and available in Australia as of April, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is the latest device to blur the edges between personal computer and tablet in an attempt to crack the conundrum of which computer to use, when.

Billed as a 2-in-1 option, it comes with a full-sized keyboard included, and runs the Windows 10 operating system. In theory this means users now have one portable device at their fingertips to tackle their complete daily workflow from the moment they open the box.

The Galaxy TabPro S is Samsung's tilt at the market currently dominated by the iPad Pro and MS Surface Pro 4, and according to experts it's doing a reasonable, if not perfect, job. 



Slim and light, the TabPro S boasts sleek styling and a 12-inch screen with high-resolution display. In a major first, it comes complete with a full-sized magnetic keyboard that includes touchpad and doubles as a case.

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Inside it utilises a Core M Processor, 4MB of RAM and either 128GB or 256GB of storage, with 5MP front and rear facing cameras. Bluetooth and WiFi are also included.

On the battery front, the TabPro S is billed as having up to 10.5 hours of battery life with a fast charge session of 2.5 hours to reach full capacity.

When it comes to storage and ports, the Tab Pro S is a little shortchanged, featuring only a USB type C port, which is also used as a fast charge point. 



A highlight of the Tab Pro S is its operating system. Like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, this is a tablet that packs the full punch of MS Windows 10, either the Home or Pro version. This is the key that enables the TabPro S to run like a desktop, with users able to download MS Office 360 or utilise "hundreds and thousands" of compatible apps.


In Australia, the Galaxy Tab Pro S will set you back $1499 and can be found at most major retailers like JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne and a host of online retailers including Samsung itself.

This price sees it a little more expensive than its competitors the MS Surface Pro 4, which retails at $1349, and the iPad Pro, which also comes in at $1349 for the similar-sized 12.9-inch version with 128GB. However neither of these models include a keyboard in the purchase price, and genuine keyboards will set you back around $250.  

What it does

The obvious benefit of the TabPro S, aside from the included keyboard, is the Windows 10 operating system.

Unlike its Galaxy Tablet predecessors including previous Pros, the S version is the first to offer Windows. This allows home and business users to access all the usual Office suspects like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Combine this with tablet abilities like accessing apps, and in theory you have the perfect device to flip between work tasks like word processing, emailing, web searching, and even more advanced tasks like photo editing on PhotoShop.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also introduced Flow, enabling the TabPro S to seamlessly communicate with other Samsung devices like phones. It allows users to log into their TabPro S via fingerprint scanning on their phone, and enable call and SMS notifications to pop up on the tablet. It also enables easy tablet connection to the Internet via a Samsung phone hotspot, and the TabPro S screen can be mirrored on Samsung TVs.

However, while all these features do point to more effective workflow for business, there is a drawback.

The TabPro S boasts only one port and it's not standard USB size. Instead it uses the USB Type C variety, which means a converter is required for HDMI and standard USB. This can leave workers wanting when they wish to quickly access items like scanners or work stored on a memory stick.

Reviewers also note the Core M processor is the least powerful in the current Intel M lineup, but the Tab Pro S does get by. 

Final thoughts

All in all, this is tipped as a solid travel-friendly workstation that offers a cost effective, all-inclusive option to the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4, enabling users to run the apps they choose with the office services they require.