BossTab Anchor Point
BossTab Anchor Point
BossTab Anchor Point

BossTab Anchor Point

The BossTab Anchor Point screws or sticks to the mounting surface. We looked at the competitive anchor points and redesigned ours to be stronger, more attractive and easier to fit. The BossTab Anchor Point provides a secure point to attach a security cable lock. The steel Anchor Point is secured to the mounting surface with either the two self tapping screws or double sided adhesive tape. A chrome steel plate then covers the screws for a neat secure anchor point. Does not include the cable lock
Anchor Point x1
Adhesive Mount Strip x1
Alcohol Wipe x1
Mounting Screws x2
What mounting options are there?

The anchor point can either be screw mounted or mounted using the provided adhesive tape.

What is the anchor point made from?

Chrome Plated Steel.

How do I install the anchor point?

The anchor requires a cable lock or cable lock supplied device. Simply install your anchor point by either using the provided screws or adhesive strip, then place the anchor point top plate over the point to hide the screw holes. Feed through a cable lock and attach it to your desired device.