Universal Tablet Lock | Combination

Universal Tablet Lock | Combination

Also available as a key lock.

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Universal Tablet Lock Combination

Easy to use.

The Boss universal combination cable lock protects tablets, laptops, notebooks, desktops and other devices against theft. Simply remove the adhesive backing from the metal plate and apply to the merchandise. Fit the combination lock to the security plate and you have a simple yet highly effective security solution for hard to protect merchandise. The adhesive resits a pulling force in excess of 50kgs.

Universal iPad Lock Combination

Strong and adaptable.

The cable features a galvanized steel construction and is thicker than most standard cables on the market. The security cable can be looped around a stationary object in the workplace, hotel at the airport or just about anywhere! Our Anchor Point can also be purchased if you require a suitable anchor point to attach the cable end to.

iPhone 7 Lock Combination

Truly Universal.

The security plate is 5cm wide, allowing for installation on all tablets, laptops and most new smartphones.

Boss-Tab Combination Cable Lock x1
Security Plate x1
Adhesive Strip x1
Material Security Plate: Metal
Cable: Steel surrounded by plastic
Cable Length 190cm
Security Plate Size 5cm x 5cm
What if I just want the cable lock without the security plate?

You can purchase just the cable lock here.

Is there a keyed version?

Yes there is. You can find it here.

What do I attach the cable lock to?

The cable lock can be tied around any object, it is recommended that you attach your cable to an anchor point.

How is the tablet connected to the cable lock?

The cable is connected using a very strong adhesive strip.

What if I forgot my combination?

For security reasons there is no way to reset your combination without remembering your code. So be sure to keep a record of your combination.

How strong is the adhesive?

The adhesive can resist a pulling force of up to 50kgs.