The Hubb | Flush In Wall iPad Mount
The Hubb | Flush In Wall iPad Mount

The Hubb | Flush In Wall iPad Mount

Flush iPad Wall Mount

The Hubb is a flush mounted iPad holder that can be installed in your home or business. Featuring either a push button or lockable faceplate. Use your flush iPad wall mount as a control panel or information portal for home or business.

Easy installation

Installing the Hubb into your wall couldn't be simpler. Cut the required hole into your wall, setup your preferred power method, then pry back the 4 spring clamps and slide the Hubb into your wall. It's that simple. Alternatively the Hubb can be screwed into wall studs.

flush ipad wall mount

Low Profile

Protruding less than half a centimeter from the wall, with a sleek  acrylic finish, the Hubb is perfect for an out of the way iPad wall mount.

Push Removal Option

Want easy access to your iPad? The Hubb is available in a push button version.  Simply press down on the top corners of the Hubb and the magnetic latches open. Pull down the faceplate and remove the iPad adapter kits.

Key Lockable Option

Need to protect your iPad from theft? The Hubb is available in a key lockable faceplate version that ensures only you can get access to your iPad. 

in wall ipad mount

Power your iPad

Easily charge your iPad in the Hubb by either installing a mains power socket in the provided rear cutout, (The supplied Apple charger wont fit you will have to purchase a lower profile charger).  

Or feed the original iPad 8-Pin charging cable through one of the 5 allocated cable slots.

iLocks can provide you with a longer 3 Meter 8 pin charging cable that will work perfectly with the Hubb.

flush wall mount power option 1
flush wall mount power option 2
The Hubb Case x1
iPad Adaptor Pads x4
Stud Mounting Screws x10
Barrel Lock Key (Optional) x1
Cutout Dimensions 315mm x 243mm Power Socket Cutout 119mm x 77mm Material Main Case
Front Face-plate
Acrylic Supported Tablets iPad 2017
iPad Air 1 & 2
iPad Pro 9.7
Download Instruction Manual
What is the size for the wall cut-out?

315mm x 243mm.

What is the size of the rear cut-out for the power socket?

119mm x 77mm.

What tablets will fit in the Hubb?

iPad Air 1 & 2
iPad Pro 9.7 
iPad 2017

What colours are available?

Only white is available.

Apart from installing the Hubb into the wall, is there any extra installation needed?

No, the Hubb comes as one complete unit, all you will need to do is place your iPad inside and screw in the iPad adaptor kits.

How does the Hubb mount into the wall?

There are 2 ways to install the Hubb into the wall. The easiest way is to use the 4 in-built clamps to hold the Hubb in place. Simply pull the 4 clamps back and slide the Hubb into wall cut-out, the clamps will keep the Hubb in place.

Alternatively you can screw the Hubb directly into a stud, there are a number of screw holes in the Hubb for this.

What is the front of the Hub made from?

Clear acrylic.

How do I stop other people from opening the Hubb and removing my iPad?

A key locked version can be selected from the drop-down at the top of the page.

How much space is there behind the iPad when the face is closed?

There is 45mm of space.