Tablet Floor Stands

Galaxy Tab A 9.7"

Floor standing tablet kiosks for business and commercial.

iLocks Tablet and iPad Floor Stands

iLocks’ floor stands and tablet enclosures are the perfect solution for static displays, exhibitions and self-service kiosks where your information needs to be readily accessible for staff or clientele.

Used in restaurants, retail and the corporate sector, these versatile stands are designed for situations that require the tablet to be moved to different locations easily or they can be anchored into a permanent position for a fixed exhibition stand.


Suitable for iPads and a wide range of tablets, the iLocks’ tablet floor stand features a heavy-weight base that keeps your device stable and secure when in use. Alternatively, the stand can be fixed into position courtesy of two screw holes that enable the base to be anchored to the floor.

Used with our extensive range of Fusion enclosures, the tablet and iPad floor stand provides a lockable system that secures your device against theft and protects it from damage in any workplace environment.

Our enclosures feature high grade metal faceplates, and durable ABS plastics to enshroud and protect your device against wear and tear. With one simple turn of a unique key, your tablet or iPad can be swiftly removed at the end of the day or when it's time for an upgrade. Locks can also be configured so one key accesses multiple sites.

Additional cable locks can be fitted for extra security, while charging and power cables are neatly channeled through the metal stand.


Need your iPad or tablet to rotate, swivel or cater to different users? The floor stand offers versatility, easily rotating from portrait to landscape mode to suit a customer's needs. The stand is adjustable but most frequently used at standing height in a position specifically designed to be ergonomic for any user.

The enclosure comes in a variety of sizes to suit Apple iPads and a range of popular tablets including Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and Microsoft Surface 3.


Whether you're a government department looking to better service your constituents, a busy restaurant taking orders on the run or a retail outlet catering further to your clientele, the iLocks’ exhibition stand provides a modern and minimalist means to introduce technology to your enterprise and protect it long into the future.

For further information about our innovative, versatile and secure tablet floor stands, contact us here or further peruse our range of stands and enclosures.