InVue CT200 Tablet Stand
CT200 floor stand
CT200 Wall Mount

InVue CT200 Tablet Stand

The CT200 is a high security, fixed tablet solution that can be used in any business environment.

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InVue CT200 Tablet Enclosure


The CT200 is the ideal product for applications that require tablets to be removed infrequently. An optional card reader bracket quickly turns your tablet into a point-of-sale kiosk. Tamper resistent and durable enough for high traffic enviornments, the CT200 is distinct in it’s ability to offer security and ease of maintenance in any commercial setting.

InVue CT200 Tablet Enclosure

Multiple options.

The CT200 can be left free standing on a table, screwed to any surface or can be arranged in a floor standing variation. Black and white is available and multiple tablet are supported, including the iPad Air and larger iPad Pro 12.9.

InVue CT200 Tablet Enclosure

Safe and Secure.

Your tablet is safely protexted by InVues IR ecosystem, only you can remove your tablet from your stand.

What is Invues IR Ecosystem?

A store-wide single key security system for all your high theft merchandise. The IR Ecosystem™ allows you to safely open display, and access, your high theft merchandise and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.

What tablets work with the CT200?

iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 9.7
iPad Pro 12.9
Samsung Tab S2
Samsung Tab Pro S 12
Samsung Tab Tab S 10.5
Microsoft Surface 4

What mounting options are there?

There are 3 variations for the mount. The standard screw mount, free standing tablet stand and free standing floor stand.

Can I operate the stand without an IR key?

No. Without a valid IR key you will not be able to remove the tablet from the CT200 stand.

Can I use the same IR key on multiple CT200's?

Yes. A single IR key can be programmed to operate with an unlimited amount of CT200 and other compatible InVue products.