Tablet Stands and Kiosks

Tablet & iPad Stands made for retail, business and residential use.

iLocks Tablet and iPad Stands

Perfect for hospitality venues, shops, showrooms and general business applications, iPad and tablet stands offer versatility, accessibility and ultimate security.

The extensive range of iLocks' enclosures and stands includes portable desktop models, fixed countertop enclosures, wall mounted displays, and free-standing kiosks to cater to a wide range of requirements for any business.

Designed for ease of use, options include tablet stands and enclosures that can be rotated, swivelled and flipped, while hiding unsightly cables and securing your hardware against damage and theft.


Hardware and technology is a major investment for any business, meaning securing your iPad or tablet is a priority. iLocks’ enclosures are lockable and durable to ward off potential theft or mitigate damage from the "bump and grind" of daily use.

Whether your device is located in a restaurant, shop front, customer service countertop or office desktop, our enclosures are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use, and can be easily unlocked and removed with the option of a single key for multiple stands if required.


As a point of sale terminal, information kiosk or wall-mounted display, your in-house iPad or tablet is about providing accessible technology. iLocks’ tablet stands and enclosures are created to enable access at any location you choose. Our range caters to all scenarios, from sharing an iPad at the boardroom table to floor stands, and fixed countertop displays.

Enclosures come in a range of sizes to suit iPads and tablets of all dimensions. Stands are available in a series of heights, with portable models, flexible arms, wall mounts or fixed bases. Meanwhile charging cords can be discretely channeled through our range of stands, or cables can be locked into position.


Whether multiple salespeople require access to a register, a customer needs to view a transaction or colleagues are sharing the latest information across a desk, enclosures are available in a variety of configurations for ease of use. Options include enclosures that rotate 90 degrees sideways to alternate between portrait and landscape, swivel up t 360 degrees, or flip 180 degrees.

For electronics retailers, we specialise in tablet, iPad and smartphone display mounts so devices can be picked up, handled and tested while still secured using alarmed cables.


Security need not be unsightly, and our range of enclosures and stands is designed to provide discrete protection against damage and theft. Available in a series of colours and designs, tablet stands are created to enhance your shop or office fit out rather than detract from the design of your business.

For further advice on finding the right iPad and tablet stands to suit your needs, contact us here, or peruse our range for inspiration.