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Desktop tablet and iPad stands for commercial and residential use.

Tablet Desktop stands

iLocks' extensive range of table stands caters to all business scenarios, whether you're seeking an iPad POS stand for your shop front, convenient office access for your removable tablet or a fixed display for your showroom.


Our enclosures and stands are designed for ultimate versatility and security, offering business a durable solution for all their needs. The range includes options of portable stands, fixed desk stands, flexible arms and lockable faceplates. Additional features extend to discrete cord channeling, the convenience of a single key configuration for multiple sites, and the installation of security cable locks.


iPad stands cater to comfort when seated at a desk or standing at a counter, and also guarantee the security of your hardware. Our selection is designed to provide an accessible and adjustable work platform whatever the situation in hospitality, retail or office environments.

Stands are compatible with a variety of modern tablets and iPads, with interchangeable face plates or adjustable enclosures that snuggly house your device, lock into place, and can be changed when required. We also offer universal stands to further cater to a variety of tablet sizes.


Tilt your tablet or iPad holder forwards, backwards, side to side, rotate it 90 degrees or swivel up to 360 degrees with a choice of stands to suit any scenario. That means workers facing each other at a table have easy access to information, salespeople sharing a POS terminal can readily use the register, and customers viewing your in-store displays can quickly gain information in portrait or landscape mode.


Need your device to offer stability and security but be portable too? Options like our portable counter or tabletop tablet kiosk and iPad POS stands cater to this, offering a stable yet free-standing tablet holder that goes where you need to.

All our stands are also easy to install and allow simple access to the tablet or iPad inside using a single lock.


If your display or terminal needs to be anchored into position, we offer a selection that can easily be secured to the desk or countertop. The range is available in a series of designs and colours to complement the decor of your workplace.

For retailers providing access to electronics we also offer fixed, alarmed desktop displays that allow the customer to pick up, handle and experience the merchandise, while maintaining its security.


Our stands are designed for the workplace, meaning they'll take the hard knocks of commercial life, regardless of whether it's an office, restaurant or retail environment.

For further advice or assistance about our range of desktop stands and iPad holders, contact us here.