InVue CT 300 POS Tablet Stand

InVue CT 300 POS Tablet Stand

A portable POS stand offering high alarmed security and mobility.
InVue CT300 POS Stand

Transform your tablet into a powerful sales tool.

The CT300 is a complete tablet solution that turns a security challenge into a sales opportunity. Use your tablet and iPad as an all in one sales and point of sale stand. It is part of the exclusive InVue IR Ecosystem™, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure


The stand features 3-axis viewing, optional mobile POS device integration, and USB 2.0 ports that enable transactions wherever and whenever customers are ready. Auditing and unlimited mobility are possible with software control and rapid tablet undocking technology.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure

Powered and Secure.

The CT300’s tough and durable security stand makes it possible for tablets to be left unattended as self-service kiosks. The stand provides power and security to integrated tablets and mobile POS devices, and the ergonomic security frames accommodate 8" to 12" tablets.

Why can't I buy this stand?

The CT300 is currently for special orders only. If you would like to know more please click the enquire button at the top of the page.

What colors do the units come in? 

Stands and Frames are available in black or white.

What other tablets will be supported in the future?

Our system can support 5V and 12V tablets that use microUSB, USB-C, Apple lightning and custom connector systems which makes us compatible with all Apple tablets and most Windows and Android tablets. Additionally, we are approved to support MS Surface Pro 4 if a customer requests that frame design.

What if the tablet I am thinking of using is not in your plan so I need a custom frame?

An initial order commitment of 1,000 frames is typically required for custom or fit-for-purpose frames. We also offer an adjustable general purpose frame in 8, 10 and 12 inch versions. As long as the tablet fits in our adjustment range and is microUSB or USB-C charging, we can accommodate initial orders as low as 250 units. However, these frames cannot accommodate a chip-pin reader or stand USB data. They support tablet charging and software control only.

I do not need a Chip-Pin reader. Are there other frames available without this?

Frames are available in 3 varieties:
1. Smart frames with Chip-Pin reader integration 2. Smart frames which support the software undock control 3. Charge only frames- these frames only charge a tablet (similar to CT100) and an IR key is required to undock. These frames still allow control of the audible alarm function.

What do you mean by “Smart Frames”?

Smart frames are paired with the tablet secured in the frame and remember the configuration associated with that particular tablet. This becomes important for software undock control, IR key use and stand alarm setting. For instance, if I have a unique tablet within an estate, let’s say it is the manager’s tablet, during setup I can tell the system that this tablet requires a software PIN for undock, no IR key use is permitted and when this tablet is docked, the stand audible alarm must be on. No matter what CT300 stand I dock this tablet onto, the IR key port will be disabled, software undock control only, and the audible alarm will be enabled. All other tablets in the store may very well be configured such that every associate can undock them using the stores InVue IR Key and the stand audio is disabled. The stand will read the required configuration from the tablet frame. In short, the same CT300 stand has the capability to behave differently from an undock control and alarm perspective depending on the tablet docked to it when utilizing a smart frame. A charge only frame still allows control of the audible alarm function.

How is a tablet frame undocked from the stand?

Smart frames may be configured such that only an InVue IR Key can control undocking, only software can control undocking or both methods will work. Charge only frames require the InVue IR key to undock.

What handling features do you offer for the tablet frames?

Our design team has spent a significant amount of effort on the ergonomics associated with the frames. Each frame comes standard with a hand strap. Additionally, we offer a shoulder strap with excellent padding, adjustment options and features that allow tablet use while remaining on the associate’s person. The frames also incorporate a unique swivel mechanism allowing an associate to position the tablet in their hand or on their forearm for optimum comfort.

Can the frame hand strap be changed?

Yes. We sell hand straps as individual units as well. We recognize this as a necessity for maintenance reasons as well as for businesses and associates that may want individual hand straps for health conscious reasons.

Why does my Apple tablet connected by USB to the chip-in reader seem to not charge when in the CT300 stand?

Apple devices when hard wired via the USB connection to a chip-pin reader, such as the USB Verifone E355 frame, will not charge unless the chip-pin reader tells the tablet it is OK to charge. This means if a customer has removed the chip-pin reader from the frame, it is likely the Apple tablet will not charge. This is not an issue with Bluetooth connected Apple devices or any Windows or Android tablets.

If the reader is installed and the tablet is still not charging InVue support should be contacted as it is likely the frame is defective and needs replacement.

Is the InVue CT300 PCI certified?

PCI certification is not required for our system. We have consulted with leading global payment device providers, payment processors, as well as the PCI Security Standards Council. The InVue CT300 system provides physical security and charging only and is not associated with the transaction process.

Why is there a frame hinge?

The hinge allows the chip-pin device to be forward facing and rear facing. It locks into either position allowing easy use in a variety of customer-associate mobile and fixed kiosk uses. When forward facing, the hinge mechanism is designed to allow firm pressing on the chip-pin device. Much like the side view mirror of many automobiles, it will “break away” if a person attempts to press so hard that the chip-pin might be damaged.

What if I have many more tablets deployed than stands or I do not require a stand at all?

Our CT300 series offers a gang charger. This unit charges 5(five) InVue frames at once. Each frame may have a tablet and a chip-pin device installed, in essence charging a maximum of 10 devices at once. The same unit offers a secure option that will require our InVue IR key to release a tablet.

When the tablet is docked, what movement is provided by the stand?

The stand swivels 180 degrees in either direction with detents each 90 degrees for easy associate to customer interaction when across or side to side from one another. The tablet may be tilted from 30 degrees to 75 degrees to assist when standing vs. sitting, as well as to assist with lighting adjustment if necessary. There is a portrait to landscape rotation lock. If, however, it is necessary to rotate a tablet from portrait to landscape, a button is located below the docking area that releases the lock. The unit may then be rotated from portrait to landscape or vice versa in either direction, but is not capable of 360 degree/spinning movement.

What does the LED on the stand mean?

A GOLD LED is on when a tablet is docked, charging, secured and the audible alarm is ready. A GREEN LED is on when the tablet is docked, charging, secured by the audible alarm has been muted. The audible alarm on/off is configured at install through a frame setting.

Are there USB ports?

Yes. There are 2 USB 2.0 ports fixed at the bottom of the stand.

What about other ports, such as HDMI, Ethernet?

Not all tablets support Ethernet connectivity, but for those that do, a USB-Ethernet adapter may be used. There is no HDMI port, however, customer facing monitors (CFM) or other secondary displays may be connected via a USB-HDMI adapter. USB 2.0 speeds easily support up to 40 inch screens. Additionally, a secondary monitor may be connected via Miracast or another Wi-Fi adapter if the tablet and monitor support that capability. If additional USB ports and/or an Ethernet ports are a customer necessity, and external off the shelf adapters are not acceptable, the system has the capability to have an InVue powered USB hub mounted to the CT300 stand, above or below the counter. Please contact InVue Product Management to discuss more about this option.

How is the stand mounted?

The system is designed for countertop mounting. The standard and most secure mounting method is bolt mounting which uses a single bolt and requires a 1 inch diameter hole for cable routing. Bolt mounting also enables the system to be installed with no exposed cables. Alternatively, we have an adhesive mount kit as well as a freestanding option.

Can the unit be mounted to a wall?

The capability is there, but we would need to design the actual mount, which is not currently in development.

I will only use 1 of the USB ports and do not want the unused port exposed.

We offer port covers for the USB ports. Once installed they are not easily removed and will require a tool or unmounting of the CT300 stand.

Do you manage the USB port activity?

No. The USB ports, if supported by the tablet, are active based on the tablet configuration and are only active when a tablet is installed, much like other docking stations. The CT300 does not control or manage port activity.

Does the stand support USB locking cables?

No, however, if a customer wishes there to be no exposed USB cables, we offer USB adapter cables that allow USB connections to be made under counter. When used, these adapters plug into our stand, route out the bottom of the unit through a counter hole. Typically, the same 1 inch hole is used for bolt mounting and are not removable unless the CT300 is unmounted.

Is the stand available without USB ports?


Do the USB ports work with Apple devices?

No. If you are an Apple customer we recommend purchasing the CT300 stand without USB ports.

Are there exposed cables?

Provisions for bolt mounting enable a solution with no exposed cables, even if USB ports are being utilized.

Do both the tablet and chip-pin device charge in the stand?


How strong is the CT300?

The highest level of security is achieved through bolt mounting of the stand to the counter which provides over 200 lbs. of pull force and sheering protection, strong enough to be left unattended. The same force applies to the physical connection of the tablet to the stand. Our adhesive mount option provides over 150lbs of pull force protection and requires a unique removal tool to protect the stand and counter surface from damage upon removal. The portrait to landscape rotation lock provides over 100 lbs. of protection for that rotation lock mechanism and all the movements have been cycle tested to provide the highest reliability.

Does the unit alarm?

Yes. The unit does include an alarm with a battery backup in case the power supply is disconnected. If a customer is interested in “silent” alarm functionality, sending an alarm signal out to another device or CCTV system, we offer an accessory option that plugs into the stands power cable that provides a connector with the signal out. Even if the audible alarm is muted as part of the stand install configuration, the alarm signal out functionality is still available.

What causes an alarm to occur?

If the stand is removed from the countertop while a tablet is docked or if a tablet is forcibly removed from the stand without authentication from a valid IR Key or software control, the alarm will sound.

Keep in mind that with a pull force of 200 lbs., forcing removal of a tablet from the stand will likely cause significant damage to the tablet.

Will the stand alarm if the chip-pin device is removed from a docked frame?

No. For customers that have chosen to secure the device in the frame, a tool is required for chip-pin device removal to prevent damage to the unit.

Is there an enterprise version of the InVue undock application?

No. Instead we offer a SDK (software development kit) that your IT department or independent software vendor may use to enable software control of the CT300 stand.

How do I get the InVue local undock application?

For Apple, Windows and Android, customers can download the application from each company’s respective online store.

Is it possible to alarm the accessories connected to the USB ports?


Can you connect powered USB devices?

Yes. For instance, you could connect a powered USB hub.