Rotate & Flip | Fusion Free Standing Tablet Kiosk
Rotate & Flip | Fusion Free Standing Tablet Kiosk

Rotate & Flip | Fusion Free Standing Tablet Kiosk

Also available as a screwed down kiosk.

Commercial tablet stands

Fusion tablet enclosures are a versatile range of tablet stands renowned for their security, durability and accessibility in all retail, hospitality and business environments.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure

Locked with a key

The enclosure faceplate is locked with a unique barrel key, offering great security and ensuring only you can open the case. A backup security screw is also supplied allowing for an extra layer of security.

Keyed alike available
Buying multiple stands and don’t want unique keys for each? We can supply keyed alike keys, which allows all your stands to be compatible with the same set of keys.

Purchase keyed alike keys

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure

Extra security options

Want more security? The Fusion case comes with a slot for an optional cable lock, offering you more security at a low cost.

Purchase a cable lock

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure

Cable management

You can easily route your cable through the enclosure and feed it out the bottom of the stand. The cable can then run through or along the top of the table.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure


The tablet is displayed in a lockable enclosure with a rotate function allowing 90° rotation between portrait and landscape. Particularly useful if you are using multiple applications. The tablet enclosure is screw mounted using hidden screws, eliminating any movement that can occur when altering its rotation.

Screw base available

Want to screw your stand to the table? Check out the screw mounted version.

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Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure
Fusion Face Plate x1
Fusion Enclosure x1
Fusion Rotate and Flip Mount x1
Free Standing Plate x1
Barrel Keys x2
Enclosure Screws x8
Tablet Adaptor Pads x4
Home Button Blocker (iPad Only) x1


Material Faceplate: Metal
Enclosure: Strong ABS Plastic
Mount: Metal

iPad 2, 3 and 4
iPad Air 1 and 2
iPad Pro 9.7"
Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Galaxy Tab A 9.7" (Black Only)
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" (Black Only)
Microsoft Surface 3

Installation Guide

Can I charge the tablet while in the Fusion enclosure?

Yes. All fusion models allow for seamless cable management through the mount, allowing you to run your power cables while keeping them out of sight.

What warranty comes with the fusion?

All fusions come with a one year warranty valid from the day of purchase.
For the full terms of the warranty please visit our warranty page.

What tablets are supported?

iPad Air 1 and 2. iPad 2, 3 and 4. Galaxy Tab S 10.5". Surface 3.
Be sure to select the correct device at the top of the page.

Do I need to uninstall the tablet to rotate it between portrait and landscape?

No. The tablet can be rotated 90 degrees between portrait and landscape using the inbuilt swivel function on the enclosure.

Does each fusion enclosure have a unique key?

Yes. Each fusion can only be unlocked using the unique key and lock which you will receive with your enclosure.

If you would like to have multiple fusions on the same key you can buy our keyed alike keys and lock. Each lock you purchase can be opened using the same key. Each purchase of the keyed alike set includes 2 keys and 1 lock.