Freedom | Security Universal Tablet Stand
Freedom | Security Universal Tablet Stand
Universal Tablet Wall Mount

Freedom | Security Universal Tablet Stand

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure


The BossTab Freedom is the only secure tablet stand that doesn't require a case, clamps, brackets or cables. The tablet is displayed as it was meant to be. All cables, buttons and controls are fully accessible.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Universal Tablet Stand

Can be used with any tablet due to the strong adhesive backing. Simply stick your Freedom bracket to your tablet, then attach it to the stand via the rear allen key screw. You can remove your tablet at anytime using the provided allen key. Not recommended to be used with tablets with rubber backing.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Wall Mountable

Adaptability is the Freedom's number 1 strength. Mount it to the wall for a sleek universal wall mount.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure

Mounting Options

The stand comes in 2 variations, free standing and screw mountable. Screw mountable is suitable for tabletop or wall mounting. Simply select your option at the top of the page.

Forget about your free standing tablet being stolen, as the Freedom also features a security slot on the back where you can attach a cable lock for additional security, if desired. The cable lock is available from the product add-ons list above. The additional anchor point is available when you need a secure point to attach the cable lock.  

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Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure

Rotate and Flip

The Freedom's inbuilt joint enables the tablet to be rotated between portrait and landscape, as well as flipped to another user on the other side of the stand.

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Assorted Screws
How is my tablet installed?

The tablet is attached to the stand via an adhesive plate.
The adhesive plate can be removed from the stand via an allen key screw in the back of the stand.

Does the stand come pre-made?

No it doesn't. Installation generally takes 5 - 10 minutes.

What colours are available?

Black and white.

Do I need to uninstall the tablet to rotate it between portrait and landscape?

No. The tablet can be rotated 90 degrees between portrait and landscape using the inbuilt swivel function on the stand.

What mounting options are there?

There are 3 possible mounting options.
A free standing option using a base plate, and 2 screw options.
You can either screw the stand from the top or below the mounting surface.
The above table method requires the use of a mounting bracket which comes standard when you select the screw mount option in the options list.

How secure is the stand?

The Freedom isn't intended for use as a high-security stand, though it does offer good security levels for staffed areas. If you are wanting a high-security option, we recommend viewing our Fusion range of stands.