InVue | LTO4 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand
InVue | LTO4 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand
InVue | LTO4 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand

InVue | LTO4 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand

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Universal Tablet Stand.

The LTO4 can be used with any tablet due to the adhesive pad that comes with the stand. Simply stick your tablet to the stand and you have your own universal tablet stand. Don't worry about security as the stand is alarmed for the devices protection.

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Designed to provide an excellent user experience, the LTO4 allows merchandise to be easily lifted from the stand for complete customer interaction with the phone or tablet.

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Controlled With a Key.

The LTO4 stand works with a unique InVue IR key, which means that only you can control the alarm on your stand. The key can be used with any other Invue product, so if you are purchasing another Invue stand, the 1 key will work across all stands.
Please Note: An IR key needs to purchased seperately.
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iPad Wall Mount

High Security.

The LTO4 features InVue Alarm-on-Merchandise protection combined with a cut resistant cable and optional bracket arms for enhanced security. If the assailant does manage to cut the cord on the stand and runs off with the device, the device will still alarm due to the alarm speaker attached to the back of the device. The alarm will sound for 3 minutes, or can be switched off with your IR key.

What is Invues IR Ecosystem?

A store-wide single key security system for all your high theft merchandise. The IR Ecosystem™ allows you to safely open display, and access, your high theft merchandise and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.

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LTO4 Stand x1
Bracket Arms (Optional) x1
Charging Cable (Optional) x1
Installation Guide x1
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Can I charge the tablet while installed in the LTO4?

Yes. You can run your own charging cable to the tablet, or you can purchase the LTO4 charging cable from the drop down above. The LTO4 charging cable is integrated into the stand so minimizes annoying cables getting in the way.

How does the stand attach to the table?

The stand comes with an adhesive base as standard, though you can screw the stand down aswell.

What tablets does the enclosure support?

Every tablet and phone is supported due to the tablet being attached to the phone via an adhesive backing.

Do I need an IR key to use the stand?

No, but it is recommended. If the alarm is tripped on the stand you will have to wait 3 minutes for the alarm to switch off, this can be done instantly with a key.

Can I use the same key across multiple stands?

Yes. A single IR key can be programmed to operate with an unlimited amount of LTO4's and other compatible InVue products.

Where do I buy an IR key?

You can buy one by simply clicking the add to cart button below.