Lock & Lift Tablet Stand
Lock & Lift Tablet Stand

Lock & Lift Tablet Stand

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A key is needed to operate the Lock & Lift
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High level security

The Lock & Lift is locked with a unique IR key, only you or an authorised person can unlock the stand. The case is made from a strong polycarbonate that protects the tablet from theft and abuse.

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Lock & Lift Tablet Stand

Unlock & lift

You can easily undock the tablet using the IR key, allowing you to pick-up and move around with your tablet at any time.
Simply press the key against the IR dot on the stand and the clamps holding the shroud will release allowing you to pick up the tablet.

Lock & Lift Tablet Stand

Integrated contact charging

Whenever the tablet frame is docked the inbuilt contact charger will keep the tablet charged, elimintating the need to plug in any cables.

Lock & Lift iPad Stand

Portrait & landscape

Easily rotate your tablet 360° between portrait and landscape, due to the inbuilt contact charging you don't have to worry about your charging cable getting frayed.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure
Does the Lock & Lift charge the installed tablet?

Yes. The tablet enclosure has a fully integrated contact charging system inbuilt.

What mounting options are there?

There are 3 variations for the mount. The standard screw mount, adhesive mount and the swivel rotate adhesive mount. Contact us for more information.

Can I operate the stand without an IR key?

You can, but it is not advisable. Without a valid IR key you will not be able to remove the tablet from the CT100 stand.

Can I use the same IR key on multiple stands?

Yes. A single key can be programmed to operate with an unlimited amount of stands.

Where do I buy an IR key?

You can purchase one below:
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