LTO3 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand
LTO3 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand

LTO3 Universal Alarmed Tablet Stand

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

High security, low interference.

The LTO3 provides outstanding security without getting in the way of the true tablet experience. Its light weight and unobtrusive features provide the perfect solution for both retail and commercial needs.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Easy Installation.

The LTO3 installation process is done in a matter of minutes. Simply attach the adhesive strips on both the tablet and stand and then attach it to your desired location. The very high strength adhesive resists removal by hand and does not leave residue on the tablet or table.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Alarmed security.

If the tablet is either forcefully removed from the LTO3 stand or the powered connector is cut, the stand will alarm, further enhancing the security benefits of the stand. You can deactivate the alarm by using your IR key.

What is Invues IR Ecosystem?

A storewide single key security system for all your high theft merchandise. The IR Ecosystem™ allows you to safely open display, and access, your high theft merchandise and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.

Add an IR key to your order
LTO3 Stand x1
Power Connector x1
Adhesives x2
Material ABS Plastic
Devices Compatible with any tablet with a flat back
How do I charge my tablet using the stand?

The tablet stand comes with a usb port capable of charging any tablet, simply select your desired charging connector using the drop down selection at the top of the screen.

What is the length of the cable connecting the base to the tablet?

45cm or 17.7inches.

Can I operate the stand without an IR key?

Yes. If the alarm is triggered on the stand and you do not have an IR key, the alarm will automatically shutoff after 3 minutes.

Can I use the same IR key on multiple LTO3's?

Yes. A single IR key can be programmed to operate with an unlimited amount of LTO3's and other compatible InVue products.

Where do I buy an IR key?

You can buy one by simply clicking the add to cart button below.