Crystal Tablet Wall Enclosure Mount
Crystal Tablet Wall Enclosure Mount

Crystal Tablet Wall Enclosure Mount

A slim tablet enclosure for the iPad and Galaxy Tablets.
InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Clear Protection.

The Crystal is made from a 100% transparent high grade acrylic. The enclosure is held together with for high security screws keeping your tablet safe against theft.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure


With the iPad Air version being only 19mm thick, it is one of our thinnest enclosures and ensure that there is no interference with all WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G frequencies.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Bracket Options.

The crystal is also available with a 42 degree bracket. Which is suitable for wall and desktop mounting.

View crystal with bracket

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

How it works:

The enclosure is made of three (or four, depending on tablet model) distinct sections that are joined together using high security screws. The enclosure itself can be screwed flush to any surface, and with the inbuilt cable slots in the back of the enclosure, you can easily rout the power cable out the back of the enclosure into a wall or you can simply pass it out the top of the mount.

Crystal Enclosure Sheets x3
Enclosure Screws x4
Rubber Gloves x2
Security Bit Driver x1
Material Acrylic
iPad 2 3 4 Height: 305mm
Width: 215mm
Thickness: 22mm
iPad Mini Height: 263mm
Width: 165mm
Thickness: 23mm
iPad Air 1 2 Height: 300mm
Width: 197mm
Thickness: 19mm
Galaxy Tab 3/4 Height: 236mm
Width: 320mm
Thickness: 23mm
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Height: 213mm
Width: 330mm
Thickness: 20mm
Can I charge the tablet while it is installed?

Yes. There is an inbuilt cable routing system that allows you to keep your tablet charged.

Are there other mounting options for the crystal?

Yes. The crystal is also available with a mounting bracket that allows for both wall and table mounting.

Can I install the crystal in landscape aswell as portait?

Yes you can. You must simply install the mount in a landscape position.

What tablets are compatible with the Crystal?

iPad Mini 1 2 3. iPad 2 3 4. iPad Air 1 2. iPad Pro 9.7". Galaxy Tab 3/4. Galaxy Tab S 10.5