Optima iPad Pro 12.9

Optima iPad Pro 12.9" Wall Mount

Also available as a table stand.
iPad Pro Tablet Enclosure

Portrait and Landscape.

The tablet is displayed in a lockable enclosure that can be installed in either portrait or landscape. The mounting holes in the back are 100mm Vesa holes, which make them compatible with most mounting brackets.

iPad Pro Enclosure x1
Barrel Keys x2
Enclosure Screws


Material Metal
Devices iPad Pro 12.9"
Can I charge the tablet while in the enclosure?

Yes. A charging cable can be run through the center of the enclosure and can exit at the base of the stand. A charging cable is not provided.

What warranty comes with the Optima?

A one year warranty valid from the day of purchase.
For the full terms of the warranty please visit our warranty page.

What tablets are supported?

Only the iPad Pro 12.9".

Does each enclosure have a unique key?

Yes. Each enclosure can only be unlocked using the unique key and lock which you will receive with your enclosure.

If you would like to have multiple fusions on the same key you can buy our keyed alike keys and lock. Each lock you purchase can be opened using the same key. Each purchase of the keyed alike lock and keys includes 2 keys and 1 lock.

Buy a keyed alike lock: