Twist X Flex Arm Universal Tablet Stand

Twist X Flex Arm Universal Tablet Stand

BossTab Twist X Universal Tablet Enclosure

Universal Tablet Clamp on Adjustable Arm.

For tablet viewing at any angle or height. We don't believe there is another tablet stand on the market with the range of movement and flexibility as this stand. The flex arm rises from 0 to 530mm and spins around 360°.

BossTab Twist X Universal Tablet Kiosk

Dynamic Movement.

Perfect for a dynamic work place like retail, hospitality and even at home. The Twist X Flex can move in multiple directions, it can swivel 360°, is height adjustable up to 530mm, and the tablet can rotate between portrait and landscape. 


The Twist X clamp fits any tablet that has a width between 220mm to 280mm and a height between 150mm to 205mm. The four fully adjustable rubberised arms hold your tablet in place for viewing at just about any angle. Once adjusted the arms are secured in place by a lever on the rear of the stand. Sliding the lever allows the arms to open for tablet removal. 

BossTab Twist X Universal Tablet Enclosure

Easy Installation.

To install the Flex Arm simply drill a 9mm hole in your mounting surface and screw in the bottom bracket below the surface.

Twist X flex arm stand x1
Installation bracket and bolt x1
Material ABS Plastic and Metal
Maximum Arm Length 530mm
Tablets Maximum Tablet Height: 205mm to 150mm
Maximum Tablet Width: 280mm to 220mm
iPad 2, 3 and 4. iPad Air 1 & 2. iPad Pro 9.7".
Galaxy Tab 3 and 4. Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Galaxy Tab A 9.7". Galaxy Tab S2 9.7".
Surface 3
Can I lock this stand using a key?

No. The Twist X flex arm is not a lockable stand. Anybody with access to the stand can remove the installed tablet.

Does the stand come pre assembled?

The stand itself is ready to go, all you need to do is drill a 9mm hole in your mounting surface and screw in the bottom bracket.

How do I install and remove my tablet?

To install the tablet in the Twist simply move the lever on the back of the stand to the 'release' setting, you will then be able to spread the Twist clamps wide enough to place your tablet inside, once you have done this, simply move the lever back to 'secure' and tighten the clamps.

To remove your tablet unlock the enclosure and move the lever to 'release'.

What tablets does the stand fit?

Click on the specs tab above to view a list of tablets and the required tablet specifications.

Is only black available?